Coffee Machines

The series of PANAFE’ coffee machines for different pods and capsules is produced and realized by Commerciale Adriatica Srl to offer high technology and efficient equipment, preserving the ease of use.

A fundamental aim of Commerciale Adriatica staff, while designing each PANAFE’ machine, is TO GRANT a low power consumption and a reduced environmental impact. A perfect mix of innovative design and practicality, which together with the simplicity and the quality of each component, makes every model a reliable good to count on.

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Water Treatment

Commerciale Adriatica Srl presents to the European market a new line that includes components for water treatment dedicated to residential systems. It is directed to companies working in this field, in order to offer qualitative products at the best price.

Our range of products, known under the brand PANICE®, includes products and components for residential Reverse Osmosis systems, water softeners, UV sterilizers, filters, membranes, faucets, pumps and many other articles.  It includes also, a complete range of Soda-makers and water dispensers ready to satisfy the customer’s needs and demands, but also a series of accessories that can respond to whatever request that the workers in the sector might have.

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